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The Friendships

Then there are also 3 types of friendships with girls. You can be acquaintances, maybe you just know each other’s names and share small talk, but don’t really hang out at all or have much to do with each other. There are the semi-friends, maybe you’ve been at the same party once or twice, talk a fair bit, and are comfortable around them. Maybe they are even members of your small group of friends but you probably wouldn’t hang out with without inviting everyone out at once, you are probably fine talking to them at school/work but don’t take it much outside there. Then there are the best friends, the girls you can talk too easily, everyone can see you are great friends and you are perfectly fine hanging out with them by yourself or with only 3-4 people out (like at the movies or something).

As an Acquaintance

Liking a girl from afar and sharing very few moments together is honestly not where you want to be in your school/workplace

Getting to know her is sometimes hard especially if you are in completely different social circles as you can’t just walk up and talk to her, and it may be hard to get her alone to talk to. If you feel you can’t talk to her in front of your friends in all honesty you aren’t ready to be making a move on her. If she likes you back she will actually introduce you and chat with you fine around her friends, without being uncomfortable about it. This is a key I think many guys miss, they see a girl they like and try to sort of only chat with her when she’s alone, ignoring her when she’s in her group of friends. This is honestly one of the worst things you can do to get to know her, as not only can you come off as “the weird guy who keeps talking to me when alone”, but even if she does like you she won’t want to date you because her friends don’t approve (and to women, approval of their friends is a huge thing).

That doesn’t mean just give up if you aren’t in her circle of friends, all you really need to do is get to know one or two of her friends as well as her and the rest will take care of itself (seriously), in groups its funny that most people make up their own minds based on the opinions of others, so if 2 or 3 of the girls/guys in the group think you’re a fun, chill, normal person they will all accept you and become friends with you. Not only this, once you are in with her circle of friends her attraction towards you will increase greatly (as you are no longer another random guy but a friend of hers), and she will start to notice you and your best qualities more than ever before.

Oftentimes it’s hard to break into that social circle of her friends but all you really need is one or two friends of hers that you can talk to and everyone else will follow suit.


 February 23rd, 2016